Photography was a large part of the landscape of our family home. Dad had a massive camera collection and built a home darkroom.  Weekend evenings were spent on darkroom magic or Kodachrome slides.  By my teen years I was well and truly hooked on Photography and it has been a creative journey central to my life since.


My training in graphic design helps me to move between today's digital world of Photoshop and yesterday's traditional film processing methods and “wet" silver gelatin printing in a darkroom. Shooting film complements and expands a digital darkroom.  I like to shoot with what works best for each job - film, digital or a mix of both.  


Film has special qualities that I believe are yet to be matched by digital capabilities.  Since the image is deep in the emulsion of the film or paper it presents itself with a soft and distinct look. This "film feel" is fresh in the eyes of young people but it is nostalgically familiar to generations before.  The finest traditions in optical lenses for film cameras bring impressive sharpness and intentional soft blur.  I choose to shoot film with vintage film cameras handed down in our family such as the legendary Rolleiflex 2.8F, a series of Ikonta rangefinders, a Linhof Technika set and vintage Canon SLRs for 35mm.  I also use a vintage enlarger in my darkroom.


Digital convenience and IPhone cameras moved us away from high quality prints to low quality images on small screens.  For me, making a print to display on a wall is a satisfying ultimate purpose as a Photographer.  For you, it's an investment in quality for future generations as my prints are selenium toned and will significantly outlast inkjet prints.

My analogue workflow is entirely in-house and I control quality and deadlines.  Large medium format negatives enable me to make up to 40cmx60cm high quality (archival standard) fine art prints.  Each print is unique because it has been created, washed, toned and framed by hand - the result of an investment of thought, care and time.  

Erica Lorimer

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) - UWA, Cert IV Design (Photography) - Open Colleges. 

Image:  WJ Lorimer circa 1977.   

Untitled photo